Where have I been?

Greetings fans!
Yes, it has been awhile. Since my last post, I have drank my first batch, brewed a scottish style ale, made 5 gallons of mead and I am right now waiting for my kettle to boil so I can add some hops to my saison!

I’m forgetting something………ah yes, the arrival of my daughter, Mila-Sofia on September 26!
She is wonderful, check her out!


The first batch of beer was inconsistent. There were 2 bottles that were spot on, the others were in various stages of carbonation. I was able to get a buzz and my parents and in-laws were able to sample it. Learned a ton about what to do for the next one.


Next I made 5 gallons of mead or honey wine. 1 gallon of honey, bunch of organic oranges, cinnamon, raisins, bread yeast and water.
This one is a real test of patience. No touching until two months, which has passed. It is ready to bottle and I will age it until Christmas when the family will be in town to help critique it. It should come in around 10% alcohol, perfect for some holiday warmth.



Then I made a Scottish style ale. It is my tribute beer for my wife. Her name is Scottish and it turns out that the second most well known loch monster in Scotland resides in Loch Morar and goes by the name of, wait for it, wait for it, Morag!!!!!!
The name is also a city in Poland and a Stars Wars character, neither of which are as exciting.
There is a book by the name of “The Search for Morag” detailing a scientific study at the loch to try and get evidence written in the 70’s.
It was not hard to get inspired to make a beer for my wife and this story was the cherry on top.
Look at the color! It is carbonating in the cabinet now and I am sure it will be delicious!


I bought myself a burner designed for frying turkeys that is much more safe than my camp stove setup.

So, finally I am caught up. I am sitting outside right now watching my Saison beer boil away in the kettle. This will be a belgian style farmhouse beer, same style that farmers used to give to their workers to stay hydrated in the fields. It kept better than water!

I am enjoying this new hobby quite a bit. Next up: some sort of wheat ale, American style and an IPA for my bro.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


Bottled and waiting

Alright! My first batch is bottled! Apart from building a skateboard mini-ramp, finding a shipwreck with my bro and importing/impregnating my wife (twice), this is one of my great accomplishments!

First thing, measurements to make sure I did everything right. It was in the range for pale ales at 1.010 which is good! This means, so far, it is actually beer. Also, it looks like beer!

Oh, and it tastes like beer!!!! ( notice my serious beer scientist expression!)

Ok back to work, let’s fill some bottles.

Cap the bottles!


Now the bottles are sleeping peacefully in the cabinet for 2 weeks or so, then it’s time to test!

I would like to thank my beautiful wife for helping me with this process. She helped quite a bit! The next beer will be inspired by her, more to come soon.

She also wrote this beautiful love letter to me in her blog that you should check out. I love her!

Interview Series #1

Halfway through fermentation! That means next week is bottling week!
The in between parts can get boring but as soon as I bottle, the next batch can begin.

Until then, I would like to share with you an interview with my brother, Christian, who always has something interesting to say, about his favorite beer, Hobgoblin.

As a side note, it turns out that something called isinglass is used to help the clarity of some beers. Isinglass is the ground up swim bladders of sturgeons (a type of fish). Who came up with that idea??? Last time I drank a Hobgoblin, which uses isinglass, was in March of this year with my brother Christian. So I guess I have not been a vegetarian as long as I think I have!

Without further ado, the interview!

Why do you like Hobgoblin?

I like hobgoblin for lots of reasons. First it’s the name.
Obviously I like goblin nobs and hobgoblin sounds alot like that. Also I like fairies and other mystical and magical creatures so that is awesome too. Finally it’s brewed in Wychwood (UK) which sounds creepy. Also it’s taste of ruby fruity bitter ale-ness is fantastic. Hobgoblin is the first real ale that I actually liked and though I now drink lots of other kinds, Hobgoblin is my favorite.

Brew Day!! (Night)

Tonight’s the night! The kettle is about to boil and I am brewing beer! It will be an American Pale Ale. Inspired by my son, it will be called the Lucanator, First Born Brew.
Thank you Morag for the time and help with weighing and math ūüėČ
Check out the progress:

Weighing hops


Steeping grains


Adding malt


Now I just wait for the hour boil and wish I started this earlier!

I made a mess trying to siphon my beer into the fermentor.  Beer, sanitizer and water all over the floor, but I managed to get a gallon of it in the bucket and that was my goal!  My photographer was already in bed by this time (12:00 midnight) so this is all I have.


Fermentor in the closet, see you in 2 weeks!


Thank  you good night!

Today is the day, or maybe tomorrow or the next

Good evening world.

I will be attempting to homebrew this weekend.  It has been on my project list for about two years, ever since I bought a partial kit at a garage sale for $2.  Finally completed the kit last week at my local homebrew shop and I am ready to stop procrastinating, if only for homebrew.

About a year ago, I bought an espresso machine and have loved getting into coffee.  I figure this homebrew hobby will do the same for me, although, I have always appreciated a good beer.

What really got me going was the other day, a friend of mine gave me a bottle of his own homebrew, a red maple ale.  Drinking it was like when I pulled my first good shot of espresso, there was a lot of different flavors and it just tasted fresh.

Anyway, I will be brewing a pale ale in a one gallon batch.  Enough for ten beers or so! I also made a list of several different beers complete with my own brand names I would like to brew.  More on that later.

Check out my kit!  Total cost about $55.  Walmart sells a stainless 4 gallon stock pot for $11!! Perfect for small batches.


Until the next!